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OC Musica

For us, OC Musica is the realization of a dream. One of love, joy, dedication and passionate living.

Beyond skillful and dedicated teaching, which is required for effective learning, we aim for every child to discover the joy of self expression through music and dance. We believe every single joyful, happy and loving child helps make the community, and the world we live in, better. But, to the adults in our space, so that you don't feel left out, let's all be childlike with our dreams and learning.

We strive to create the most welcoming, positive, and supportive environment so that every student will come through our doors with eagerness and leave with light joyful steps.

What we value most from our team of dedicated teachers, more than the qualifications and collective sum of teaching experience, is that we all share the same belief, have the same passion for teaching the arts of music and dance as a means for personal development.

We are proud to be the first school in the area to offer both professional dance and music programs under the same roof, as we believe both are the highest form of arts and the strongest form of self expression.

Come join us in the OC Musica family. Let's make music and dance!

Meet the owners

Mai Huong Nguyen
Dr. Mai Huong Nguyen
Mai and her husband, Cuong, share the love of performing arts. They want to foster the love and enjoyment of music & dance in the community. It is her wish that every student has access to quality music & dance education and performing opportunities.

Mai holds a PhD in computer science from École Centrale Paris. Although she has a strong background in information technology and software development, she now finds herself completely absorbed in her new passion. She is keen to offer assistance to others in any way she could. When she is not busy sipping coffee, she enjoys decorating the school, and supporting OC Musica's wonderful teachers in creating a happy environment for students to develop their full potential.

Cuong Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen
Owner, Piano
Graduated with a Bachelor in Music with Honors from New Zealand, winner of the Yoshiro Irino memorial price in composition (1984), having received the gift of music as a young adult through charities, and earned his music lessons by doing gardening work, Cuong is now passionate about music education, developing young talents, looking to music not just for the joy that it brings but also using it as a vehicle for personal development.


Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour of OC Musica

  • 2 dance studios with professional floating dance floors, 10-foot ceilings
  • 2 change rooms
  • Soundproof classrooms for music lessons
  • Top-of-the-line upright and grand pianos (Yamaha, Kawai)
  • Comfortable waiting area for parents and siblings with free Wi-Fi
  • Easy drop off/pick up
  • Books available for purchase, for your convenience


Why Us?

When you enroll at OC Musica, you open the door to many membership benefits beyond the lesson room, including:

  • Caring, qualified teachers!
  • Music and Dance programs at one location
    OC Musica offers dance and music lessons for all ages. With this combination you can schedule a music lesson right before or after your dance class with zero commute time. Musician in training but never danced before? Our friendly and encouraging dance instructors create the perfect, non-intimidating atmosphere for you to try out a style of dance!
  • Professional floating dance floors

    Dance is a very physical activity that requires a lot of turning, leaping, and jumping, which can put stress on bones and joints. Most dance footwear does not provide any cushioning or support, so the shock of dance movements can place a lot of pressure on the knees and back of a dancer. The best way to prevent against potential injury is by choosing a studio with a professional "floating floor". A floating floor is a dance floor that rests on a system of high-density foam, to absorb the shock of jumping.

    The top layer of the dance floor is also an important factor. A vinyl composite "marley" floor is accepted worldwide as the best surface layer for recreational to professional dance. A marley floor allows dancers to slide, with a degree of "controlled slip", but is not slippery so there is less risk of slips and falls. Very few studios use professional marley floors because of the expense involved, and usually opt for a regular floor tile for a studio floor.

    Our studio's floating floors are built with two layers of plywood over thousands of high density foam blocks and finished with a professional marley dance surface. This type of floor is known to helps reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without getting tired.

  • Soundproof facility

    We are very serious about creating an environment that is appropriate and suited to learning music. In an ideal music practice or lesson room there should be no other sound heard outside of that produced by the student or teacher in the room. Excessive noise coming from the hall way or from other music rooms can be distractive and make even very well planned lessons less effective. We have taken serious soundproofing measures in the construction of our private class rooms - yes, to keep them 'private'.

  • Many opportunities to perform
  • Discounts on tuition fee for family members
  • A flexible and generous approach to lesson make-ups to accommodate busy families
  • and much more!


Meet Our Staff

Hugo Nogueira
Dr. Hugo Nogueira
Guitar, Ukulele

Hugo Nogueira is currently teaching guitar at Los Angeles Pierce College. Hugo won the 2011 American...

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Ekaterina Bessmeltseva
Dr. Ekaterina Bessmeltseva

Ekaterina Bessmeltseva is a concert pianist whose performances span North America, Europe and Russia....

More about Ekaterina
Hang Nguyen
Hang Nguyen
Guitar, Piano

More about Hang

Matthew Peskanov
Matthew Peskanov

Matthew Peskanov, originally from New York, grew up in a musical household. Everyday he would hear piano,...

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Jasmin Cruz
Jasmin Cruz
Cello, Piano

During her time growing up in Northern California, Jasmin has been involved in almost all things music....

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Cole Perez
Cole Perez

Originally from the Bay Area, Cole Perez is a multifaceted violinist with experience in performing and...

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Isaac Visoutsy
Isaac Visoutsy

Isaac Visoutsy is a freelance violinist and violin teacher playing and teaching throughout Southern California....

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Maura Phelps
Maura Phelps
Cello, Ukulele

Maura Phelps is a recent alumni of CSULB where she received her masters degree in instrumental performance....

More about Maura
Alexandra Reyna
Alexandra Reyna
Voice, Piano

Alexandra Reyna has been a student of music for her entire life. She started voice lessons at the age...

More about Alexandra
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith
Voice, Piano

Stephanie Smith has always had a strong love of music starting at a young age. At the age of nine she...

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Sabrina Dominguez
Sabrina Dominguez
Voice, Saxophone

Hi there! I'm Sabrina Dominguez. I am a lyric soprano majoring in Opera Performance at Cal State University...

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Rubí Danielle Morales
Rubí Danielle Morales
Voice, Piano

Rubí Danielle Morales is a multifaceted artist, who is skilled in music, theatre, and dance. She is...

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Brandon Whitehurst
Brandon Whitehurst
Piano, Bassoon

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Amecie Lublin
Amecie Lublin
Dance teacher

Amecie Lublin is a senior at the University of California, Irvine pursuing for a Bachelors of Fine Arts...

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