Dress Code

The dress code is for all enrolled dancers to unify presentation for our classes and to promote optimal learning.


Dress code brings a sense of discipline and unity to the art of ballet. To help this process be easier, not only have we listed items necessary to perfect the typical ballet attire, we have also partnered with On Pointe Dancewear in Anaheim to help you with your search. They also offer a 10% discount to our students, if you purchase with them. Simply go to the store and mention you are from OC Musica. They will help guide you with your selection and apply the discount. We have also worked with them in selecting items that are recommended to you to help simplify your search. Of course, specific brands are not required, but colors should still match the group. Weekdays, leotard color and tight color must stay the same. However, Saturdays are our freestyle day! Any color/style of leotard is fine.

On Pointe Dancewear
1501 S Raymond Ave
Anaheim, CA 92801
United States


  • Age Group Colors
    • Age 4-6: Light Pink
    • Age 6-8: Light Blue
    • Age 8-10: Light Purple
  • Recommended at least 2 leotards, one of them being camisole
  • Saturdays are our freestyle day. Wear any color/style of leotard.


  • Ballet Pink Footed
    • recommended for little ones in 4-6 age range
  • Ballet Pink Transition
    • recommended for older ones above 4-6 age group
  • Saturdays are our freestyle day. Wear any color you want.

Classic Ballet shoes

  • Leather
    • recommended for children under 6
  • Canvas
    • recommended for children over 6


  • Clean ballet bun or hairstyle in a bun
  • Big Bobby pins
    • Recommended Bunhead Brand
  • Little Bobby pins
    • Recommended Bunhead Brand
  • Hair color hairnet
    • Recommended Bunhead Brand
  • Hair color hair ties


Any color leotard, black leggings preferred for often floor work and dark tan jazz shoes.
Recommended: teal leotard with black leggings and tights for in studio perform.
Required: hair pulled back into a ponytail or bun, no dangly jewelry, dark tan jazz shoes for class and recital.

Hip Hop

Comfortable clothing. No tight jeans. No skirts, no boots, no flip flops, no elevated shoes of any sort. Sneakers preferred. Baggy clothing acceptable.
Recommended: black leggings for in studio perform.
Required: hair pulled back into a ponytail, no dangly jewelry.


Consistent attendance is crucial for real progress. If you want to become a successful dancer, you will need discipline. Dancers must use good time management skills to ensure they don't miss classes.
Tardiness Arrive 10 minutes early for class to prepare yourself. If you are late, wait for the exercise in progress to be over before entering the dance floor.
Water bottles Water bottles are a must. Please bring your own water in a secure container to class to be used during the designated water breaks. Don’t forget to take your water bottle home with you.
No talking No talking during class. Talking means that you are not hearing what the teacher is saying. Listening carefully is a critical part of the learning experience.
All students should have respect for their teachers and classmates. They should listen when their teacher corrects another student as the suggestion may also apply to them. Students should NOT correct each other.