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Cuong Nguyen

Cuong Nguyen

Owner, Piano

Bachelor of Music with Honors, Majored in Composition from Victoria University, New Zealand
LTCL - Trinity College of Music, London
Winner of the Yoshiro Irino memorial price in composition (1984)
Piano work (Ostinato) selected for ABRSM syllabus - Royal School of Music, London

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Graduated with a Bachelor in Music with Honors from New Zealand, winner of the Yoshiro Irino memorial price in composition (1984), having received the gift of music as a young adult through charities, and earned his music lessons by doing gardening work, Cuong is now passionate about music education, developing young talents, looking to music not just for the joy that it brings but also using it as a vehicle for personal development.

Chopin - Etude Op. 25 No. 2 in F minor "The Bees"

Chopin's Etude No. 3 Opus 10

Language: Vietnamese, English